History of Islam Timeline

Islam is the religion taught by the Prophet Muhammad. Religion Islam emerged in the Arabian Peninsula, Saudi Arabia. Before the coming of Islam, the Arabs filled with chaos. They kill the girls. The children were buried alive. They love to fight and gamble. A woman who is pregnant as a tool gambling. They gamble, the child in the womb was male or female. Do not wait until birth, they immediately ripped the woman to know the sex of the baby. It is clear barbarity Arab nation. This dark period called the period of ignorance.
The birth of Muhammad is a mercy to the worlds. Armpit He was born, the idols in the Kaaba was destroyed by itself. It is a form of respect for the birth of the universe's most noble creatures.
Here is a chronology of the history of Islam timeline:
570: Muhammad was born in Mecca, he was the son of Abdullah and mother Siti Aminah. He was included in the Quraysh tribe.
595: Muhammad married to Siti Khadijah, he was a wealthy merchant. Muhammad had previously worked for him
609: Muhammad received a prophetic revelation. Hints of God delivered by the Angel Gabriel to Muhammad in the cave of Hira. Cave of Hira is where Muhammad meditate. After receiving the revelation, Muhammad preach to his people. Khadija was the first to convert to Islam. Followed by those who are called Assabiqunal awwalun (those who first embraced Islam), including Abu Bakr, and Ali ibn Abi Talib.
622: Exodus to Medina. They emigrated in order to be growing religion. This event later became the benchmark Islamic lunar calendar, the Islamic calendar, right on July 16 AH 622 starts.
630: Return to Mecca for Hajj separation (Hajj Wada ').
632: in June, Muhammad died in Medina.
646: Establishment of the third caliph Uthman Quran by.
656: Die Othman; open succession crisis.
661: The murder of Ali, the husband of Fatima (daughter of Muhammad) in Kufa.
632-661: State of Medina, with four caliphs Abu Bakr (Muhammad's father), Omar (died in 644) Uthman and Ali.
661-750: Umayyad Empire, founded by Mo'awiya (Umayyad descent, Muhammad's uncle), after deposition Ali. The capital was in Damascus. This includes Asia: Afghanistan, the Indus, Armenia; and West: North Africa, Spain, Gaul (732).
750: Ibn Abbas, Muhammad's uncle, was proclaimed caliph.
750-1258: Abbasid Empire: capital, Baghdad; glories of Islamic civilization in Cairo, Córdoba; civil disturbances, fights between the Caliphate (Baghdad, Cordoba), split; Christian Crusades (1095-1270) and conquest (fall 1248 Sevilla, Granada in 1492). Shia (765) is divided.
1258: Conquest of Baghdad by the Mongols, who converted to Islam.
1405: Death of Timur Lang (Tamerlane, Turkish Sunni) and an end to their dream of unification. Four kingdoms: Ottoman (Asia Minor to Egypt, via the Balkans and Greece, until the nineteenth century); Persian (with Safavid, Shiite, in Isfahan, 1501 and 1736); Mughal (Sunni first, then open to Hindus and Shia, under Akbar [1542-1605], until 1857); Morocco, with various dynasties, including Alawites.
1744: Birth of Wahhabism (a pact between Mohammed B., Abd-al-Wahaab and Emir Ibn Sa'ud): strict application of Islamic law.
1844: Reform of Mirza Ali Mohammad (Shia), in Shiraz, Bab (Gate) which leads to the Baha'i Faith (Baha-ollah) was proclaimed.
1927: Foundation "Muslim Brotherhood" by Hassan al-Banna.
1969: Creation in Rabat OIC Islamic Conference consisting of 45 Muslim countries, based in Jeddah.

That is the chronology of the history of Islam in general. May be useful []

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