List Of Island Of Indonesia

This is a rundown of islands of Indonesian Archipelago. Indonesia involves 17,508 - 18,306 islands and 8,844 that have been named as per assessments made by the Government of Indonesia, with 922 of those forever inhabited.[1] Indonesian Archipelago is a piece of Malay Archipelago. The nation reaches out from contiguous the Malay Peninsula in its west and into Melanesia in its east. Administration of the islands some of the time incorporates a regime which covers a little island chain.

As per a 2002 review by National Institute of Aeronautics and Space (LAPAN), Indonesia has 18,306 islands. As per the CIA factbook there are 17,508 islands.[2] Counting tidal islands (occasionally submerged) could be dependent upon twofold the island figure (no exact figures); numerous islands have no name or offer names, all of which makes arrangement exceptionally confounding even to the legislature of Indonesia. Careful figures ought to be considered just "enhanced evaluations" until a conclusive study can be led.

Indonesian (or Malay) Archipelago is frequently alluded to as the biggest archipelago on the planet, yet this is implied by territory and not by number of islands. This title suitably speaks to its 17,508 - 18,306 or thereabouts islands which compass 5,400 kilometers (3,400 mi) eastward from Sabang in northern Sumatra to Merauke in Irian Jaya. On the off chance that you superimpose a guide of Indonesia in excess of one of Eurasia, you will observe that it extends from Eastern France to Western China; contrasted with the United States, it covers the zone from Eastern California to Bermuda.

On September 21, 2007, a 8.4 quake struck Sumatra close South Pagai Island, delivering a bunch of six little new islands, and growing others by uplift.[3] A vast segment of Indonesia is seismically dynamic; the number, size, submergence and rise and state of islands keeps on evoling.
1 Major islands

2 Other islands

2.1 Java

2.1.1 Banten

2.1.2 DKI Jakarta

2.1.3 West Java

2.1.4 Central Java

2.1.5 East Java

2.2 Sumatra

2.2.1 Aceh

2.2.2 North Sumatra

2.2.3 West Sumatra

2.2.4 Lampung

2.2.5 Riau

2.2.6 Riau Islands

2.2.7 Bangka-Belitung Islands

2.3 Kalimantan

2.3.1 East Kalimantan

2.3.2 South Kalimantan

2.3.3 Central Kalimantan

2.3.4 West Kalimantan

2.4 Sulawesi

2.4.1 North Sulawesi

2.4.2 Central Sulawesi

2.4.3 South Sulawesi

2.4.4 Southeast Sulawesi

2.5 Lesser Sunda Islands

2.5.1 Bali

2.5.2 West Nusa Tenggara

2.5.3 East Nusa Tenggara

2.6 Maluku

2.6.1 Maluku

2.6.2 North Maluku

2.7 New Guinea

2.7.1 West Papua

2.7.2 Papua

note: I quoted from a variety of sources and trusted, one of them is wikipedia. []

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