History Of Tarumanegara kingdom

Tarumanegara Kingdom was located in Bogor, West Java, which is the second oldest Hindu kingdom in Indonesia. In China news, Tarumanegara called To-lomo. The establishment of the Kingdom of Tarumanegara suspected along with the Kingdom of Kutai, which is in the 5th century AD.
Political life of the Kingdom Tarumanegara
Tarumanegara Kingdom is the oldest kingdom in Java that is affected Hindu religion and culture. Inscriptions have been found to date there are 7 pieces. Based on this inscription can be seen that this empire have a strong influence of Hindu culture. The inscription uses Sanskrit letters and Pallawa
Inscriptions are relics of the kingdom Tarumanegara
Inscriptions are relics of the kingdom Tarumanegara based on where its discovery, among others, as follows.
1.   Inscription Ciaruteun (Ciampea), found on the banks of the River Ciaruteun (Bogor) near the estuary with Cisadane.
2.   Inscription Pasir Jambu (Koleangkak), found in the plantation area, about 30 kilometers west of Bogor.
3.  Inscription Kebon Coffee, is located in Kampung Muara Hilir, Cibungbulang (Bogor). Written in poetic form Anustubh.
4.  Pasir Awi and Inscription Inscription Cianten Estuary. Monument inscriptions, found in the Monument. This inscription is The longest inscription of all the inscriptions of King Purnawarman heritage. This inscription Anustubh poetical. Inscription Inscription Cidanghiang or Lebak, found on the banks of the River Cidanghiang, District Munjul, Lebak (Banten).
5.      5. Inscription Ciaruteun,In the inscription, there are former feet King Purnawarman. The former the feet was believed to be like the feet for the god Vishnu.

Socio-Economic and Cultural Life
Life of the community's economy is agriculture and animal husbandry Tarumanegara. Excavation is completed, King Purnawarman held salvation by giving the 1000 prize cows to the Brahmins.
In addition to Channel Gomati, Tugu Inscription is also mentioned in the excavation Channels Candrabhaga.
Viewed from the techniques and ways of writing the letters on the inscriptions found as evidence of the existence of the Kingdom of Tarumanegara it can be seen that the cultural life of society at that time was already high. []

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