History of Kediri Kingdom

Kediri Kingdom or the Kingdom of Panjalu, is a kingdom located in East Java, between the years 1042-1222. Art literature much attention at the time of the Kingdom of Panjalu-Kadiri. In the year 1157 Kakawin Bharatayuddha written by mpu mpu Sedah and completed Panuluh. Kadiri Kingdom Panjalu-collapse in the government Kertajaya, and dikisahkan in Pararaton and Nagarakretagama.
Ken Arok army troops succeeded in destroying Kertajaya. Kings Kadiri is
• Sri Bameswara, based on the inscription Padelegan I (1117), inscription Panumbangan (1120), and the inscription Tangkilan (1130).
• Sri Jayabhaya, is the largest king Panjalu, based on the inscription Ngantang (1135), talan inscription (1136), and Kakawin Bharatayuddha (1157).
• Sri Aryeswara, based on the inscription Wind (1171).
• Sri Gandra, based on the net inscription (1181).
• Sri Kameswara, based on the inscription foot (1182) and Kakawin Smaradahana.
• Kertajaya, based on the inscription Galunggung (1194), Prasasti Kamulan (1194), Palah inscription (1197), Wates Kulon inscription (1205), Nagarakretagama, and Pararaton.

Political developments Kediri kingdom
Mapanji Garasakan rule shortly. He replaced King Mapanji Alanjung (1052 - 1059 AD). Successive kings of Kediri since Jayabaya as follows:
1) King Jayabaya (1135 AD - 1159 AD)
King Jayabaya use of royal insignia badges Narasingha. Since MPU Sedah unable to resolve these kakawin, mpu Panuluh continue and finish it in 1157 AD In this reign, Kediri reach heyday.
2) King Sarweswara (1159-1169 AD)
Substitute Jayabaya is King Sarweswara.
3) King Kameswara (1182-1185 AD)
For a while, there is no clear news about the king of Kediri until the emergence of Kameswara. In this reign the book written by the MPU Darmaja Kakawin Smaradahana containing the cult of the king, as well as books and Wretasancaya Lubdaka written by MPU Tan Alung. 4) King Kertajaya (1185-1222 AD)
In the reign of Kertajaya, there is a conflict between the Brahmins and King Kertajaya. In the year 1222 AD a great battle in Ganter and Kertajaya defeated Ken Arok.
Social life of the royal society Kediri
Social life in the time we can see the kingdom of Kediri in the book of Ling-Wai-Tai-Ta prepared by Chou Ku-Fei in the year 1178 AD
Book Kediri noted that people using cloth to below the knees and his hair was parsed. The houses were on average very clean and tidy. The floor tiles are made from the yellow and green. His government is watching the situation his people so that agriculture, livestock, and trade in a fairly rapid progress.
Groups in society Kediri divided into three kingdoms on the basis of public office.
1) Group community center (the kingdom), which is contained in the environmental community the king and some of her relatives and the servants.
2) Group Thani community (region), a community group composed of government officials or officials in the region Thani (regions).
3) Group non-governmental community, social groups that do not have the position and relationship with the government official or self-employed people.
Kediri has 300 more officers on duty to manage and record all the royal income. In addition, there are 1000 employees and lows in charge of the fort and the city moat, the royal treasury, and building supplies. []

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