The First Islamic Kingdom in Indonesia

Samudera Pasai Empire is the first Islamic Kingdom in Indonesia. The Kingdom was founded in the 13th century a.d. Nazimudin Al Kamil is the founder of the Kingdom and had the title of Sultan Malik Al Saleh
The Kingdom of Pasai in Aceh, located near the Strait of Malacca. historical evidence such as:
1. Records of Ibn Battuta
Ibn Battuta visiting pasai when travelling to China. Ibn Battuta came from Delhi, India. According to him, the Royal Palace, the Palace of the King of india such as pasai. Raja pasai also had the title of sultan.
2. News by Marcopolo
According to Marcopolo, two Sumatran kingdoms, namely the Kingdom of pasai and perlak. the majority of the population is Muslim.
After the death of sultan malik al saleh, Sultan muhammad (1297-1326) replace it. Sultan Ahmad was the King Government's biggest Pasai. Kingdom of pasai grow quickly and become a centre of trade.Kingdom of pasai had a strong Navy. The Kingdom of Pasai visited merchants from Indian, Arabic, and Chinese. Gold, pepper, and silk is its commodity.
The Kingdom of Pasai became a great empire, due to the layout of the Kingdom is very strategic. that is at the intersection of the Malacca Strait. At that time, the Kingdom of Srivijaya empire began to collapse. And,
Pasai was able to organize the wealth of nature. After sultan ahmad died, Pasai suffered setbacks. Reason, there is a power struggle. []

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