The first Hindu kingdoms in Indonesia

Indonesia ended the period of history in the year 400 ad. Yupa is proof that the people of Indonesia have been acquainted with the writing. Yupa is a stone pillar to tie animals. On the side of the stone inscriptions of the Kingdom of Kutai. So, Kutai is the first hindu Kingdom in Indonesia
Kutai is located on the brink of the river Mahakam, East Kalimantan. Yupa written using Sanskrit and using the letters pallawa characters in name kings kutai written in Yupa, such as Kudungga, Aswawarman, and Mulawarman. It is suspected, Yupa made in the fourth century in the time of king Mulawarman. 
Kutai was established by the emperor kudungga. Name kudungga is name of indonesia is born in the land - Founder of the dynasty is aswawarman. Aswawarman name had been influenced by Hindus. It is suspected, the name Aswawarman given by brahmana.
King Mulawarman is king largest Kutai. he was highly respected people, and have good relations with brahmana. King Mulawarman very generous. In compensation He 20,000 cattle to brahmins in waprakecwara. it can be concluded that, the king a Hindu Shiva. Kutai People very wealthy. they were involved in a competitive world timber trade in southeast asia, because the location kutai strategic trade routes in China and India.
About Yupa
There are six Yupa found in Kutai. In addition written lineage of the king, Yupa also showed a picture political life, economic, social and cultural kutai. Kutai influenced hindu culture. King is considered to be the offspring the deity. People revere king and his commandments. Because, the command king is the command the gods. broke the commandment of the king, will make them at risk the punishment. Therefore, there is no dared to oppose the commandment of the king.Charity king as many as 20,000 cattle, showing a country very wealthy. people's economic highly advanced. Their livelihoods is breeding and farm. Kutai it is unknown when its decline. []

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