Prehistoric period in indonesia

The prehistoric era in Indonesia were divided into two categories, namely based on geology and archeology. Based on geology including Arkhaikum, paleozoic, Mesozoic Age, and neozoic.
The Time arkaekum took place about the approximately 2,500 million years ago. At that time, the skin earth are still very hot, there is no life.
The Time paleozoic took place about the approximately 340 million years ago. Living creatures that are including micro-organisms, fish, amphibians, reptiles, and the animals are invertebrate species.
The mesozoic age took place about 140 million years ago. In the mid-this period, the reptiles have a big. These Days is called the reptiles. Reptiles are dinosaurs, tiranosaurus, etc. After this period ended, there is a species of birds and mammals, while reptiles, extinction.
The two days neozoikum is divided into various, namely tertiary and the quarter. Tertiary took place 60 million years ago. In this age, growing living mammals primates, namely apes. 
There are people in the quarter, until the time is the most important. These Days is divided in two days, pleistocene and holocene. The pleistocene/dillivium, there were people ancient. These Days is called ice age (glasial).  At that time, the earth covered with ice, because the temperature is very low. Ice in the Arctic melting and cover continental Europe, Asia, and American Continent. Fractions ice spread to surrounding areas. New land to make it possible for the movement of people and animals. They were looking for food and avoid natural disasters. In Indonesia, the archipelago is stable and is connected to mainland Southeast Asia. A stable support human being to survive. The proof is, ancient human beings can only be living in the tropics and climate is stable. In Indonesia, found fossils pitecanthropus, meganthropus paleojavanicus, and homo. Indonesia is a tropical regions.
The holocene appeared homo sapiens have characteristics such as modern man.[]

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