Five Theory about September 30th Movement

There are five theory related to September 30th movement (G30S) in Indonesia. The first theory, said that the perpetrators G 30 Indonesian Communist Party's is (PKI).  This theory is that most frequently used, because the regime by the administrations of former President Soeharto to use this theory to legitimate his authority. Excuse is that PKI tried to replace ideology of the state to communist ideology. Therefore, when He came to power, President Soeharto did'nt give tolerance to the members of PKI and supporting communist ideology. They are killed, it is torn up their political rights, and forbidden to governmen
t officials.
Second theory by Ben Anderson. In his theory, Ben Anderson said, the suspect G 30's is because of a conflict in the army. The motives of the reason this is a group of officers 'progressive' that comes from the Division Diponegoro feel is not satisfied with the luxurious way led by the Army in Jakarta that he thought was not in accordance with the spirit revolution. The army was to be removed so that political Sukarno can continue. Moreover, the Council General is considered to be critical market coup against the government of president Soekarno. 
Third theory by sociologists and Dutch historian W. F. Wertheim. He said, the suspect G 30's is the Army and Suharto. Soeharto want to beat PKI, replacing Sukarno and remove the strongholds in another AD, and become heroes and the President. Suharto is a person who is known as a person who led the operation inhabited for rebellion G 30 S. 
The four theory by Peter Dale Scott. He said, the suspect G 30 S involving foreign parties, the CIA, the United States of America. The reason for this in it was during the cold. Soviet Union and the United States vying for influence in the world. Especially in developing countries. Indonesia is the strategic, and the potential for their interests. There is a theory dominoes, who said that when a territory be used ideological opponents, then the area around it will follow ideology. Therefore, Indonesia would have to follow an ideology.
Soekarno and Soeharto
Fifth theory by Anthony C. Dake. He said that the perpetrators G 30's is Sukarno. Sukarno as egoist and thirst for power, so he wants to do away with military opposition. Another opinion, said Sukarno was a marxist who wants to build communism in Indonesia.
There are also opinion that holds that this theory to each other all relation to one another. it means, then it is possible that the suspect G 30 S not only one side, but involving many parties. Soeharto was a man to win this conflict. so he successfully take advantage of the situation. Soeharto to the authorities after the government of President Soekarno ended. []

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